Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Live Tapes Grong Grong & Salamander Jim

The following are live tapes ripped to MP3 (no set list available)
Grong Grong - Mosman Hotel Sydney 7th October 1984
Black Hell / Ratbag Girl / Human Fly / Club Grotesque / Swine / Who's Got it / Hills Have Eyes / Whole Lotta Love / Looking At You / Japanese Train Driver / Grong Grong / ? / ?
Please Note this file is 43 MB
Salamander Jim - Chevron Hotel 3rd June 1985
Pappas Got A Brand New Bag / Nervous Breaktown / Ugly Breakfast / Hotcakes For Daddy / ? / Fly In The Ointment / ? / Bad Priest / Black Star / Slag Street / Bump No More / ?
Please Note This file is 45 MB
Special thanks to Grant Ireland for providing these cassette to MP3 dubs ( and also for the Bush Oysters tape)


retard said...

Would love to hear the Grong Grong set. How does one go about getting the password?

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that you've mixed up Grong Grong and Salamander Jim tapes, that is, the GG tape is below the SJ setlist and vice versa.

Cousin Creep said...

OK the MP3 Links were not in the right order, the code was fixed thanks