Thursday, March 09, 2006

Speedy's Splitting Skin - BUSHPIG

self titled Bushpig LP on PGK Records
Speedy's Splitting Skin- Bushpig
Bushpig was a project which was lead by Peter Hill of King Snake Roost that released a 7" EP on Amphetamine Retail (featuring members of King Snake Roost, No More Bandicoots & The Thrown Ups) and a self titled LP on his Hill's own 'PGK (Practical Goat Keeping)' label. It's also one of the rare moments Australian Grunge jammed with Seattle Grunge as the LP featured members of Bloodloss, King Snake Roost, Lubricated Goat, Mudhoney & Monroe's Fur. This was originally released back in 1990 with only 500 copies pressed on Yellow & Green vinyl. This item has been turning up lately on EBay and surprisingly is still very affordable considering how scare it was at the time & the line up involved.


pete said...

Ha, I had to laugh when I saw this, thats me on the cover! The photo was taken by Caroline Birkett, of B-Side Magazine and Pentagraphix fame. Among her many talents she was also a taxidermist, and just happened to have a pig's head in her freezer. This head had been killed by a friend of hers, with a knife, and was a real, nasty, wild boar that weighed well over 100kgs (220 pounds)! Thats real pig skin on my head and real pig flesh between my legs.
Speedy's Splitting Skin is about the legendary roadie Speedy. He was roadie for Mudhoney on their Australian tour. All of the lyrics are quotes of his. Mark Arm and I wrote this song, and most of the others, while eating Turkish Pizza, and drinking beer, on Cleveland Street just down the road from Gracelands. All of the songs were written on 'pizza paper'. Still laugh when I hear it.

twonk69 said...

my name is pete as well but anyway i remember speedy in sydney in the 80s, never wore shoes, and last saw him at iggy pop and the beasts od bourbon about 92, great song and a great charecter.