Sunday, September 16, 2007


man on the scene, lachlan mccloud captures the action. name the band.
Photo craigusvegas
Recently I was contacted by a chap called craigusvegas who informed me he had uploaded a lot of photos he had taken during the era this blog covers.
"..these photos were mainly focussed on the crowd rather than the bands - as that was what I was mainly interested in. but they will give you a good idea of the scene to which we look upon with a golden glow of nostalgia...." craigusvegas 2007

Theses images can be found here on Flickr


dosser said...

Is this a shot of the band The Wreckery?

Anonymous said...

No. It's the Butchershop with Tex I think you will find. Great pic's >> particularly the portraits of Goose and Susie in front of the RSL portrait. Keep up the good wk>> but where is the images or MP3's of No More Bandicoots? Try and get images from Lachlan McLeod (in photo here filming)>> who was regularly documenting Black Eye related shows.