Thursday, November 25, 2010

5th Anniversary Special: Leather Donut

Leather Donut
1. The Sexy Dwarf - "Rape Scene Music"
2. Bobby Qualtrough - "Mother Fish Song"
3. Justinstink - "Cassetin Giftieg"
4. Rino - "Sex Life"
5. Nick King - "A Personal Message"
6. Now - "1988"
7. Peter Read - "Kill Me"
8. Martin Bland - "I Like Nitrous Oxide"
9. Dean - "The Trumpeting Toad"
10. The Furry Men of the North - "I Like Looking at Naked Men"
11. Minced Meat - "The World's Got Everything in It"
12. Egg'N'Burgers - "D.D.T."
13. Thug - "Thug Rap"
14. Ren - "Shit Pit"
15. Stu Spasm - "Me and a Great Big Leather Man"
16. Salamander Jim - "Flying Truck"
17. The Bureau of Intelligents - "Erotica"
18. Slub - "Song for Steven"


SLYER said...

heard this in a distopic basement in den haag NL and it's great that now i can hear it again at home in bologna italy thank you!

dead mike said...

thankyou for sharing this DISGUSTING FILTH *shakes head disapprovingly*


Insane Warrior said...

Aweome! used to love hearing this on 3RRR back in the day...nad now to hear it again!

Pick Pocket Recordings said...

does anyone know who does the cover art? i have this, waste sausage,a scientists lp and fungus brains lp all with similer art! and its awesome. I want to know more about this artist.

Cousin Creep said...

Ewan Cameron

Pick Pocket Recordings said...

damn that link is dead, if anyone has any contact info for him please let me know! i am releasing my first album soon and would love to use some of his art!