Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Tube Footage Lubricated Goat - THUG

I would suggest this was recorded in 1988: Tracks: Nerve Quake - In The Raw - Funeral On A Spit - Footage mostly focuses on Stu Spasm, and Brett Ford.


TimWelfare said...

Good find Mr.Creep. Thug clip is fantastic - especially 'Pimples'. Awesome song. Great live here too. This is what I meant in a earlier post receiving first hand history. Good find - more please. The person who can get there hands on Lachlan McLeod footage from this time - is sitting on a goldmine of material.

Paulie B said...

Thanks for providing this. One of the Goat gigs I saw was at the Evening Star. Someone, Stu I think stumbled backwards demolishing the drum and burying Bret Ford in a pile of kit. He just lay there like it was an earthquake while the rest pulled the rubble off him and reassembled the whole shebang. It was that gig too where Stu Spasm hurled an empty schooner into the crowd during a particularly excited moment. When said crowd member returned the favour Stu stopped the song halfway demanding to know "which effing cee threw that?" He was the star and he could threw beer glasses but it was never going to be the other way around. No way,